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What is Telecom


Telecommunications refers to the exchange of information by electronic and electrical means over a significant distance. A complete telecommunication arrangement is made up of two or more stations equipped with transmitter and receiver devices. A single co-arrangement of transmitters and receivers, called a transceiver, may also be used in many telecommunication stations.

Telecommunications devices include telephones, telegraph, radio, microwave communication arrangements, fiber optics, satellites, and the Internet.






Telecommunications is also known as telecom.



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Telecommunications is a universal term that is used for a vast range of information-transmitting technologies such as mobile phones, landlines, VoIP and broadcast networks.

In telecommunications, data is transmitted in the form of electrical signals known as carrier waves, which are modulated into analog or digital signals for transmitting information. Analog modulation such as that used in radio broadcasting is an amplitude modulation. Digital modulation is just an updated form of this.

Telecommunications and broadcasting are administered worldwide by an agency of the United Nations called the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Most countries have their own agencies for enforcing telecommunications regulations.





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