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Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing

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Pitfalls of Affiliate Marketing

Most of the online marketers are huge supporters of utilizing affiliate marketing as a part of marketing strategy.  This support refers to the commission that has to be paid to others who promote services/products on their renowned websites. There are few e-commerce players who have not succeeded in affiliate marketing which draws attention towards some pitfalls of affiliate marketing. A person has to face many pitfalls when he associates others with his affiliating marketing technique in order to make online promotions. There is a basic need to look out for several issues regarding affiliate marketing for the purpose of the future success of the business. Below are some major pitfalls of affiliate marketing.


High Commission

The services provided by some affiliates are imposed with hefty fees.  Most of the merchants have to experience high maintenance fees, expensive setup and high commission because of the brokers or facilitators.


Fluctuation in income

There is a lot of fluctuation in affiliate programs as they do not appear to be cost-effective on a regular basis. There are days with a huge number of customers then there are days without customers. It is recommended in affiliate marketing to have a check on spike periods in sales for making wise investments.



Affiliate marketing is mainly under the bad influence of cookie stuffers. The most common fraud regarding affiliate marketing is cookie stuffing. In this kind of fraud, the cookie stuffer secretly drops affiliate cookies into a computer without the user being known to this. In this way, they hijack the affiliate links and enjoy the commissions.



Intense competition

Affiliate Marketing is the platform that provides a low barrier in order to make an entry in such a business. This advantage actually turns to be a pitfall of affiliate marketing as this creates intense competition between the marketers. In order to stand out from the usual competition, go for an affiliate having great SEO kills.


Incorrect advertising

The marketers are usually in pursuit of speedy income and for this reason, they may lead to an incorrect advertisement. They may end up exaggerating about the pros of their service or product. Sometime they may market features that are not even included in the product. This exaggeration and misguidance lead to an incorrect advertisement which greatly influences the position of the brand.

Affiliate marketing is still the best way of online money making. Besides all the mentioned pitfalls of affiliate marketing, it still serves as the best way of generating passive income.



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