How to use Ahref


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How to use Ahref


Common Terms:

Domain Authority, Page Authority, URL rating, Page Rating these are the terms with which all the SEO lovers are familiar of but most of them do not know how to deal with the things.


Scope of SEO:

This is not that easy friend you have to work very hard to attain good results in SEO. Otherwise, if someone is not working day by day will not get good results here, if you guys are not in a mood to work regularly, this is just useful article for you but if you are looking to give your heart out to the field than go through this in detail.


How to use Ahref


What is a Keyword?

Keyword “The heart of SEO” it is indeed very true, you just cannot skip this knowledge otherwise you will suffer badly.


Well to understand the term Keyword, let’s take an example. If you’re working on a niche related to health. Let’s say there is an event coming related to the niche you are targeting so you selected a day named “world health day”.  Now it is considered to be the focus keyword and the article you are going to write will be wondering around this word too.


What is Ahref:

Well as I have discussed earlier about the SEO and a keyword, it is also very important to be familiar with the tools which are necessary to make a proper SEO. Ahref is a tool which makes it easier for the bloggers these days to accomplish a breakthrough ( i.e. SEO).


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Keyword Explorer:

Here we have a tool called “Keyword Explorer” which tell us the Keyword difficulty which means how much backlinks you need on different websites to rank your post on that particular word.


Search Volume:

It also tells us the “Search Volume” which means that how much people on an internet search that particular word and how much traffic one can get if they work on that.


How to use Ahref


It also makes us aware of the clicks and the impressions this particular word gets from the people around the globe.


Well, this is a brief introduction of the SEO and the tool named “Ahref” which is considered to be the soul of an SEO. It is the beginning we are going to discuss the terms related to SEO and complete knowledge about SEO step by step in the coming articles.

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Thanks for reading this and wait for the next one.


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