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Best Online Education Websites — Part 2

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Best Online Education Websites



Education is the biggest need of every individual and therefore it is essential to get the best education. The education system is getting expensive day by day. The institutions that provide the best knowledge are quite expensive for most of the students. The higher fees of such institution make most of the student do jobs in order to meet the basic requirements. By doing blue collar jobs, students manage to complete their further studies. Scholarships are the only way out for students who cannot afford an expensive education.


Since this is the age of the internet, where everything is available and every individual is able to reach the required knowledge. There are some best online education websites that are basically arranged for working students. These websites provide students with free online courses, informative notes, videos, and podcasts. Globally, the market is based on the number of skills, it does not matter where one has studied but what matters is the knowledge one has.



The Internet is rich in resources regarding education; most of the best online education websites are free. From coding to history, students are provided with an excellent education. is one of the best online education websites that is globally associated with the best organizations and universities. This website is bejeweled with a wide range of detailed courses. Students who are in search of different courses, this website serves as a powerful tool for them.



Udemy is another best online education website that offers free courses. The concept is similar to Coursera but this website also allows students to customize their courses according to the lessons. This website greatly emphasizes on the quality of content and provides a mixture of free as well as paid content.



Khan Academy is another best online education website. Students, for whom the coaching system is expensive, can easily refer to Kahn Academy. The students are provided with their personal dashboard which helps them to monitor their progress. This website has all the lessons at one stop as it is associated with MIT, the Museum of Modern Art, NASA, and the California Academy of Sciences. The students are provided with the best content in 36 different languages.


The list for best online education website goes on as it includes a variety of such websites such as Open Culture Online Courses, Academic Earth, Alison, Stanford Online, Harvard Extension, Open Yale Courses, Codecademy and much more. All such websites are loaded with the best quality content that enables the students to acquire education free of cost.


Best Online Education Websites — Part 


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