Training the next Generation of Kyrgyzstan

The Internet Society in conjunction with Packet financial organization (PCH), our Kirgizia Chapter (ISOC-KG) and also the CAREN Project unionized a BGP and Peering capability building a workshop on 3-7 Sep 2018 in the capital, Kyrgyzstan. This five-day workshop was geared toward coaching engineers for the present KG-IX netExchange within the capitalhowever additionally for the potential Ferghana vale net Exchange being established within the southern town of Osh.

The workshop was light-emitting diode by Nishal Goburdhan who’s an online Analyst at PCH, a non-profit organization that builds and support IXPs around the world. He was power-assisted unaccompanied (Kevin Meynell), with the workshop being hosted by the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kirgizia.

The workshop was comprised of a mixture of lectures and active work to show the abilities needed for interconnecting networks on the web, and taking part in an online Exchange. It commenced with net address designing mistreatment each IPv4 and IPv6, followed by setting-up OSPF on completely different internal networks, then interconnecting that mistreatment BGP and applying routing policy and filtering. The workshop ended with the way to set-up associate IXP and discuss current best practices for peering.

Twelve participants attended the workshop, drawn from the incumbent utility Kyrgyz telecommunication, KG-IX, industrial ISPs, universities, and KRENA (the National analysis and Education Network). Despite restricted previous expertise and a few difficulties in communication between English, Russian and Kyrgyz languages (although we have a tendency to had a superb translator), the cluster proved terribly adept at picking-up what required to be done, cooperating as a team, and finishing the tasks. it had been additionally extraordinarily encouraging that though none of the participants had any previous IPv6 expertise, they were keen to find out the way to set-up and manage IPv6 networks which is able to be important for the long run development of the web in Kirgizia.

KG-IX has greatly improved performance and reduced the price of net access in Kirgiziahowever, this has principally benefitted net users within the capital {bishkek|Bishkek|Biskek|Frunze|capital of Kirgizia|capital} and northern a part of Kyrgyzstan. The Ferghana vale within the south a part of the country additionally features a substantial population, nonetheless has poor access to communication services and users usually pay quite 5 times for constant information measure as in the capital.

Establishment of the Ferghana vale net Exchange purpose (FVIXP) is thus extraordinarily necessary for rising property within the region, notably with relevancy reducing prices. This open and neutral exchange, supported by the web Society, is planned to be inbuilt Osh, however also will want network engineers to support it that was one in all the motivations for organizing a capacity building workshop to develop the required skills.

The Internet Society would really like to give thanks to the web Society Kirgizia Chapter, the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kirgizia, Nishal Goburdhan and Packet financial organizationand also the EU-funded CAREN Project for his or her support of this workshop.

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