Tech Matters: Big Changes In The IPv6 Landscape

What reasonably growth did we have a tendency to see for IPv6 in 2012? What did we have a tendency to see in terms of adoption of IPv6 among numerous industries? Yesterday our colleague Phil Roberts printed his read on the “Big Changes within the IPv6 Landscape in 2012“. Phil wrote concerning several of the changes that happened over 2012, significantly with World IPv6 Launch in Gregorian calendar month. Here are a number of the main developments he saw:

Today, common fraction of the Alexa high one thousand websites are currently enabled with IPv6 and enormous access networks have enabled IPv6 for his or her finish users, in keeping with measurements we have a tendency to created for World IPv6 Launch.

Four of the 5 largest websites within the world – Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo!, and Wikipedia – all serve IPv6 from their main websites these daysadditionally, content distribution networks like Limelight and Akamai are providing services to their customers to modify IPv6 hosted content, and hosting firms are creating it doable for hosted websites to use IPv6 similarly. The 3 largest web-hosting firms in European country serve IPv6 for all their hosted websites.

Also at the top of 2012, there have been important deployments in access networks. AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Comcast in North America, RCS&RDS in Romaniaauthority and Softbank in Japan, XS4ALL within the European country, Swisscom in European nation, DT in European country, and segment in Australia all began sanctioning IPv6 for his or her finish users, all while not the top users wanting to tack something in their networks, and indeed, probably, most not even knowing they’re mistreatment IPv6.

All of that is great news! Phil goes on to speak concerning Google’s activity of over 1 Chronicles of their traffic coming back in over IPv6 ANadditionally the globe IPv6 Launch measurements website that contains links to a spread of the sites measurement IPv6 traffic on an in progress basis.

2018 was a good year for IPv6 – and currently it’s time to continue building on it momentum. have you ever deployed IPv6 nonetheless for your network(s)? Is your website accessible over IPv6? ar your DNS entries offered over IPv6?

If not… however will we have a tendency to facilitate you? look at our basic IPv6 info or our list of IPv6 resources to induce started. And if you can’t realize what you’re searching for, please allow us to apprehend and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Let’s create 2019 and even higher year for IPv6!

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