Twitter New Feature Drives Media Crazy

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How to Record/Upload Videos and GIFs to Twitter

You need to own your creatives prepared for Twitter to begin with video ads. Twitter makes it straightforward to record and transfer videos and GIFs from each major packageeach desktop and mobile. Here is however you’ll add videos to form video ads on iOS, Android, and over the net.

Recording/Uploading Videos on iOS and robot

You will see a tweet icon that appears sort of a feather on your main Twitter screen. faucet it once.
Below the box wherever you compose your tweets, there square measure a number of choices that may add a replacement video or icon to your tweet. the foremost recent media that you simply have create also will seem as thumbnails during this portion of the screen. you’ll choose the pre-recorded videos to tweet from here. If you wish to incorporate a GIF, then faucet the GIF icon once.
Tap the Camera button to record a replacement video. Then faucet the video icon (it sounds like Associate in Nursing old-school pic camera) and hold down the red camera, that is that the “Record” button.

What’s happening press and hold to record

Change the order of clips by moving them sideways once recording, or delete a part of the video by dragging it up before you tweet it out.
iPhone: faucet the “Done” button once you’re finished recording. you’ll preview what you’ve got done by touch the “Play” button once, which is able to conjointly take you to a screen to create further edits.

Once you’re done redactionmerely hit “Tweet” to share your video in conjunction with the message or caption that you simply have written out.


Once you’re done redactionyou’ll merely faucet the “Tweet” button to share your video and any message or caption that you simply have written to coincide with it.


The door is wide open for any quite video ad on Twitter. However, there are some trends that you simply cannot ignore as associate degree publicist if you’re searching for microorganism content or extremely sticky content. Here are a number of the unwritten rules to optimize your video, despite the Twitter distribution options that you simply use.

Video Length

In general, as I even have mentioned, no ad has to be longer than one minute, with the vary of the bulk of microorganism videos between fifteen and forty-five seconds (see all video examples above). There are ads that may achieve success and last longer than one minute, however, these are sometimes to not generate leads throughout the client acquisition section. Longer ads are for those that are already aware of the whole or for different social media platforms, for instance, Facebook, wherever folks are accustomed looking at longer videos.


Make sure that your video is optimized for the mobile screen, which means that you simply ought to use an sq. video format. Videos that aren’t mobile-first could look nice on laptops or desktops, however, look utterlydireful on mobile devices. Considering the statistics higher than regarding the quantity of viewership that comes from mobile devices on Twitter (over 90%), this can be a vital step to think about.

Titles/Captions/Text Overlay

In several cases, publishers can use titles, captions, or text overlay to exchange sound. This ensures that the message of your video comes through loud and clear regardless of what. It additionally provides an additional location to market your wares. putting short, poignant messages in several places around your ad will be a strong tool for engagement. However, titles aren’t potential for live videos and are rich in GIFs.

In conclusion, Twitter will be a particularly effective advertising platform once approached properly. With quite hr of Twitter users being millennials, video ought to be your initial alternativebecause it is dynamic and catches the attention instantly. However, nice video content seldom creates miracles alone, thus don’t forget there are a number of different components of the equation, like sturdy ad copy, precise audience targeting, and after all a landing page designed specifically for conversion to urge the foremost out of your crusade.

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