Canon EOS M6 review: Worth the extra money

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The Greek deity M6 is one amongst Canon’s newest mirrorless cameras to hit the market. Mirrorless cameras area unit subsequent generation of camera style. They use a sensing element that operates as a finder, image sensing element, an optical device system all-in-one. On the opposite hand, DSLR cameras use optical viewfinders and optical device systems become independent from the image sensing element. As a result, the cameras area unit abundant larger and heavier. The Greek deity M6 goes one step more by eliminating the finder entirely. The result’s a light-weight, pocket-sized camera still capable of making the high-quality pictures Canon is understood for.

Canon EOS M6

Technical Specifications

1Price: $779.00 body-only, $899.00 with kit lens
Kit Lens: EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM. EF-M may be a mirrorless Canon lens. IS describes the in-lens Image Stabilization. memory refers to the “Stepper Motor,” that is that the optical device motor kind.
Sensor: 24.2 MP sensing element (APS-C sized a pair of.3 x 14.9 mm)
The number of optical device Points: forty-nine part detection AF points. part Detection uses paired sensors to notice the variations in lightweight reaching them from the topic. The lens will then be adjusted to focus properly.
Built-In Flash: Yes; five.0 m (16.4 ft.) vary at ISO a hundred. ISO a hundred is that the lowest level of sunshine sensitivity. With higher ISO values, the flash detection varies will increase.
Continuous Shooting: nine frames per second, right down to seven FPS with Servo AF. “Servo” is sometimes known as “Continuous” optical device by alternative brands.
ISO Range: 100-25,600
Video Recording Capability: Full HD 1920×1080 (60, 30, 24 fps), HD 1280×720 (60 fps), South Dakota 640×480 (30 fps)
Image Format: JPEG and RAW. JPEG is that the image format utilized by most devices for show. JPEG may be a compressed format designed to require up less area in device memory. RAW format is higher quality as a result of it contains all of the camera’s image informationthey’re uncompressed files, in order that they make up way more areaexcept for image redaction with the correct code, RAW files area unit superior to JPEG files.
Wireless Connectivity: Yes; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC (Near Field Communication). The camera may be remote controlled mistreatment the Canon Connect App accessible for humanoid and iOS. The app also can be accustomed send photos from the camera to a wise device for straightforward sharing. The NFC affiliation permits for quick pairing to humanoid devices and Canon’s Connect Station CS100. The Connect Station may be a wireless memory device that holds up to 1TB of knowledge.
Supported Memory Cards: South Dakota, SDHC, SDXC, UHS-I
Battery Life (CIPA Rating): 295 pictures per charge
Weight: 390 g (0.86 lb / 13.76 oz)
Dimensions: 112 x sixty eight x forty five millimetre (4.41 x 2.68 x 1.77 in)

Canon EOS M6 LCD

Build Quality

With a composite metal and plastic body, the Canon Greek deity M6 encompasses a fairly sturdy style. The unsmooth plastic across the hold and front of the camera offers a firm, comfy grip. in contrast to alternative Canon mirrorless models, the M6 has each a flash unit and a hot shoe for a further unit. However, it doesn’t have an associate degree electronic finder. All photos and video should be composed mistreatment the one,040,000 pel {lcd|liquid crystal show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display. For photographers accustomed to exploring through a finder, this could be a deal breaker. However, the M6’s hot shoe unit suggests that associate degree EVF also can be purchased one by one and put in on the camera.

The Greek deity M6 encompasses an alright ordered out series of dials for immediate setting changes. its the standard mode dial for Scene choicevideo, Manual, shutter speed (TV), and aperture (AV) priority modes. The dedicated exposure compensation dial is handy for immediate brightness adjustment while not having to navigate camera menus. after you don’t wish to regulate shutter speed, aperture, or ISO for inventive functions, exposure compensation offers you similar results. The M6 additionally has 3 totally-customizable dials for max convenience. the primary is that the main dial that surrounds the shutter. A second fast management dial sits just below the exposure compensation dial. And on the rear of the camera, maybe a third controller wheel. Compared to the simplified button layout of the Canon Greek deityM100, the M6 offers additional flexibility for advanced users.

The M6 encompasses a slight issue once the camera is being employed to require a selfie. If the digital display screen is canted up therefore the shooter will see the image whereas shooting, a couple millimeters of the LCD’s bottom edge area unit hidden by the camera’s body. As a result, a part of the touchscreen is hidden whereas taking selfies. It’s a fairly minor style flaw, however, it’s price noting.

Canon EOS M6 Back

Canon Greek deity M6 digital display

Image Quality

Canon’s mirrorless line uses giant APS-C sensors (sized twenty two.3 x 14.9 mm) with higher megapixel counts than several alternative mirrorless brands. Fujifilm and Sony additionally use twenty four MP APS-C sensors with several of their merchandise. But Nikon, Olympus, and Panasonic sometimes use 16-20 MP sensors for his or her beginner to intermediate cameras. The sensors also are smaller than APS-C. this provides the M6 a position in image quality.

Larger sensors provide larger depth of field management and low lightweight performance. Depth of field is what quantity of a scene is in sharp focus. And having the ability to slender that focus to precisely whenever you would like is less complicated with giant sensors. solely full-frame sensors (sized thirty six x twenty four mm) area unit larger. giant sensors even have a bigger expanse to gather lightweight. As a result, image noise is a smaller amount of a problem once the sunshine levels area unit but excellent. 24.2 megapixels is average within the camera market nowadayshowever that’s quite enough for many users. 24.2 MP is enough for three hundred pels per in. uncropped prints up to thirteen x a pair of0 inches in size. And it offers a cushty quantity of area for cropping photos while not losing an excessive amount of image quality.

The Greek deity M6 additionally encompasses a low-pass (anti-aliasing) filter, that is helpful if the lensman is upset concerning moiré patterns. Moiré area unit errors in photos that have close-knit continuance patterns, like closeups of feathers or the weave of material. The patterns can by artificial means blur along sure areas. For photographers that take photos with these subjects typically, the low-pass filter of the M6 may be a handy tool. however low-pass filters do decrease the resolution of the camera sensing element slightly, leading to a small loss of sharpness in photos.

Canon EOS M6 Top

Canon Greek deity M6 Back

What extra options will the Canon Greek deity M6 have?
The Canon Greek deity M6 uses a twin pel optical device system with forty nine selectable AF points. twinpel is totally different from the Hybrid CMOS AF III system utilized by its precursor, the Canon Greek deityM3twin pel may be a part detection primarily based optical device system. It detects variations within the lightweight reaching every combine of part detection optical device points. the sunshine detected by the pairs may be analyzed to work out focusing distance to the target.

The M3 encompasses a secondary distinction detection system furthermore as part detection partsdistinction detection senses variations in image distinction to search out most sharpness. part detection is quickerhowever less correct than distinction detection. thus combining the 2 offers an honest balance of optical device speed and accuracy. Hybrid optical device is more and more common in mirrorless cameras these dayshowever the Greek deity M6 is engaged entirely for AF speed with its style. Combined with its DIGIC seven processor, capable of up to nine FPS continuous shooting, the M6 is superb for action photography.

Manual focusing with the Greek deity M6 may be a pleasure, because of the main focus peaking feature. once watching the digital display screen, focus peaking adds color highlights to the parts of a scene that area unit in sharp focus. typically once exploring through a finder, the image seems to be targeted exactlyhowever the ultimate picture isn’t. With focus peaking, you’ll be able to target the precise location you wantlike the eyes once shooting portraits.

Canon’s mirrorless image stabilization has been slow in development. Most of the lower priced models solely provide digital IS once shooting video. Image stabilization is employed to scale back or eliminate blur from motions like hand shake. Any image stabilization is often higher than none in any respecthowever video-only digital IS may be a so much cry from the spectacular sensing element stabilizers Mount Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony use with their mirrorless lines. as luck would have it, the M6 shows Canon is wanting to boost their mirrorless IS systems furthermore with its new Combination IS. Combination IS makes use of the in-lens image stabilizers several Canon DSLR and mirrorless lenses have integrated. They work along with the digital IS system to form image stabilization for each still pictures and videoas a result of it uses extra battery power, it may be disabled once shooting with a stand.

The Greek deity M6 has 2 wonderful lighting and distinction adjustment tools. automotive vehicle Lighting Optimizer is employed to regulate color distinction and brightness, keeping pictures from changing into too dark and lacking distinction. The impact may be refined with the Low setting, or adjusted even on top if required. Highlight Tone Priority is another tool and may be used once shooting in bright lighting. The camera softens the amendment from traditional to bright lighting. By creating brilliantly lit areas less harsh, it brings back details that might rather be lost within the glare. Highlight Tone Priority mode will solely be used with ISO two hundred or less, and not with automotive vehicle Lighting Optimizer.

Canon EOS M6 LCD

The M6 additionally has the popular High Dynamic vary (HDR) photography choice. HDR photography is supposed to be used with a stand and on still subjects solely3 photos area unit taken in total. the primary may be a baseline with traditional exposure. The second adjusts the exposure to be brighter than the primaryand also the third has the exposure adjusted to be darker than the primary. The 3 area unit accustomed produce a composite picture with full detail found in each brilliantly lit areas and darker shadows.

Like the remainder of the Greek deity M line, the M6 additionally has Multishot Noise Reduction. MNR is intended to form higher ISO values additional helpfulmistreatment the very best ISO sensitivity settings sometimes ends up in photos with giant amounts of noise that leaves them unusable. MNR takes four pictures then sifts through the additional data for the simplest signals to use within the final image. Having four baselines permits MNR to greatly scale back the quantity of noise the picture contains, creating higher ISO values way more helpful. However, as a result of the camera takes four photos with a small time delay, shooting a moving subject might lead to a indistinct image. Multishot Noise Reduction is best used for slow moving subjects in dim lighting and with a stand or Combination IS.

Canon Greek deity M6 high

How will the Canon Greek deity M6 compare to the Canon Greek deity M100?
The Canon Greek deity M6 and Canon Greek deity M100 area unit Canon’s newest additions to its mirrorless camera line. each have a set of fantastic options and solid base statistics. Side-by-side, however do they compare?

Advantages of the Canon Greek deity M6

Extra controls: this can be somewhat of a toss-up, because the simplified style of the M100 may be a feature for several users. The M6 encompasses a dedicated exposure compensation dial for immediate brightness correction. {and the|and therefore the|and additionally the} mode dial also has aperture (AV) and shutter (TV) priority mode, along side the standard Scene and video picks. The M100 has these, however rather than being on the mode dial, they’re found within the camera menus. The mode dial solely has automotive vehicle, a Renaissance man “manual” button, and videofor somebody UN agency prefers a basic layout and doesn’t mind navigating menus once needed, the M100 may be a sensible choicehowever severalusers area unit already conversant in the layout of DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Most photographers canrealize the M6 softer to control.
Continuous drive: At nine frames per second, the M6 takes photos slightly quicker than the M100 (6 fps). For photographers wanting to shoot quick paced action, the M6 is that the more sensible choice.
Image Stabilization: The M6 has image stabilization that works with still photos furthermore as video. Combination IS will need mistreatment compatible Canon mirrorless lenses. however it’s still superior to the digital video-only IS system of the M100.

Advantages of the Canon Greek deity M100
Price: With a value of $599.00 with kit lens, the M100 is far cheaper than the M6 at $899.00, and still takes wonderful photos.
Weight: The M100 at 302 g (0.67 lb / 10.65 oz) is lighter than the M6 at 390 g (0.86 lb / 13.76 oz). Dimensions-wise, the 2 cameras area unit compact and nearly identical.

The Greek deity M6 is clearly engaged towards associate degree intermediate market furthermore as beginners additional assured in learning the layout. Beginners might realize the M100 straightforward to controlhowever the menu system of accessing basic functions like aperture and shutter priority can get previous quick. The M6 remains appropriate for beginner photographers, however the worth distinction is tough to ignore. Image quality-wise, the 2 cameras area unit identical. If a customary button and menu style, and image stabilization area unit vital to you, then the M6 is that the more sensible choice.

Canon Greek deity M6 digital display

How will the Canon Greek deity M3 compare to the Canon Greek deity M6?
Both cameras have twenty four.2 MP APS-C sensors, forty nine AF points, and a compact mirrorless frame. however the M6 will improve on the M3 in an exceedingly range of how. The battery lifetime of the M6 is improved; taking 295 photos over 250 for the M3. Also, the M3’s most native ISO price is twelve,800 (with a digital boost to twenty five,600). The M6 encompasses a most native ISO of twenty five,600, that is healthier for low lightweight performance. Digital ISO boosts area unit code edits of photos designed to mimic ISO values on the far side the sensor’s performance. however digital boosts area unit ne’er pretty much as good as having the particular ISO price. And with the Multishot Noise Reduction of Canon’s M line, higher ISO values are literally usable.

The optical device systems of the 2 cameras area unit totally different furthermorethe twin pel style of the M6 is quicker however less correct than that of the M3. The M3 combines each part and distinctiondetection, that is somewhat slower. Macro and portrait photographers can appreciate the additionalaccuracy over speed. But the M6, with part detection and also the DIGIC seven processor, will increase to nine frames per second. The M3 maxes out at four.2 FPS with its older DIGIC half-dozen processor. Lastly, the M6 is slightly heavier, deliberation in at 390 g (0.86 lb / 13.76 oz) vs 366 g (0.81 lb / 12.91 oz) for the M3.

Overall, it’s laborious to mention whether or not the M6 is well worth the additional value. The M3 has most the options that create the M6 superior to the M100, for fewer cash. For the Renaissance manlensman, the M3 remains a really capable camera with most of the options of the M6.

Who is that the Canon Greek deity M6 for?

Photographers UN agency shoot still subjects in low lightweight settings can realize Multi-shot Noise Reduction improbably handy for protective atmosphere. This includes design and street photography. the continual drive frame rate is tightcreating it sensible for action photographers furthermore. where beginners could also be intimidated by the amount of dials and functions it’s still an excellent camera to begin with. Intermediate photographers can get heaps of mileage out of the M6 furthermore. And it’s a beautiful second body for advanced photographers.


The Canon Greek deity M6 may be a solid addition to Canon’s mirrorless camera line. it’s a good upgrade from the M3however doesn’t subordinate the M3 entirely. The advanced, however intuitive dial style and Combination IS facilitate it stand out from the less costly M100. And 24.2 megapixels, and an oversized APS-C sensing element provides it the superior depth of field and noise management over something except a full-frame sensing element. However, the shortage of associate degree electronic finder makes operative it a small amount clumsy for additional ancient photographers. And whereas it offers nice options, the M6 has nothing distinctive apart from Multishot Noise Reduction. each alternative feature is obtainable by one or additional of the opposite mirrorless brands. and plenty of these brands do a far higher job; image stabilization being a key example.

With the EF-EOS M adapter, the M6 is a superb walk-around camera for the Canon user trying to find a second camera body. The M adapter permits users that have already got Canon EF and EF-S lenses to use them with the EOS-M mount of the M6. No 4K video is additionally a small amount unsatisfactory, as 4K is additional common in intermediate priced cameras. Overall, the Greek deity M6 is a suitable mirrorless camera. however the mirrorless market is far additional competitive than it absolutely was a couple of years past. Canon’s whole mirrorless line desires a small amount additional attention if Canon needs to stay competitive during this market.

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