Everything we know about the iPhone 8

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Every Septyoungsters return to high school, and Apple invitations a bunch of journalists into a dark spacewherever it reveals the long run of iPhones. That’s the start of the world mad dash to the square in line and secure a brand new Apple device with simply a number of modest upgrades. The time is currently upon the United Statesare you intrigued? are you scared? are you ready to pay extra money than you’ve ever spent on a phone before?

Update 8/30 – Apple simply proclaimed that the iPhone event can crop up on weekday Sept twelve at the Steve Jobs Theater on the company’s new field.

This year’s iPhone rumors purpose at a brand new lineup that represents a full-court maintain your pocketbook. Bloomberg says that Apple seems to be less inquisitive about obtaining additional individuals to shop for iPhones than it will in raising the typical worth of the iPhone. which means that the large worthwhile that we tend to saw with the iPhone X unleash last year may trickle all the way down to different new models. however, it might additionally mean that the edge-to-edge screen style and Face ID also will return to lower finish iPhone models. It’s gonna be pricey, but lit.

What Will It Look Like?
Based on unofficial reports, Apple can unleash 3 new iPhones this year. One can apparently feature the five.8-inch OLED, a bezel-free screen with Face ID, stainless-steel edges, and also the same overall style because of the iPhone X, as well as the vertically headed two-lens camera on the glass back. Another can reportedly go together with a vi.5-inch OLED bezel-free screen—which would be the largest screen Apple has ever place in AN iPhone—as well as Face ID, stainless-steel edges, glass back, and twin cameras. consider it as AN iPhone X and however possible with a special name. additional on it during a second.

The third phone is maybe the foremost attention-grabbing one. it’ll patently have a vi.1-inch LCD, bezel-free screen, Face ID, glass back, and metal edges. which means it’ll primarily look and performance sort of a slightly larger iPhone X, however cheaper materials ought to provides it a lower cost purposekeep prices down, Apple can reportedly solely embody one camera on the alphanumeric display device, creating it look tons sort of a premium version of AN iPhone eightadditionally, to a lower cost, the alphanumeric display device may additionally mean additional selection of color. consistent with well revered Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the alphanumeric display device can are available a spread of colorsas well as gray, white, blue, red, and orange. The OLED devices, Kuo says, can are available black, silver, and gold.

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What does seem imminent is the end of the bezel. The new full-screen design with Face ID has been a big hit with reviewers, notch and all. Furthermore, moving all of the iPhone models over to this new form factor stands to make app design and manufacturing easier and more efficient. Some leaks indicate that the screen on the 6.1-inch LCD device will have a slightly larger bezel than what will be on the OLED devices. But still. Big screens seem like the future of iPhones.

What Will It Be Called?

This one is anybody’s guess. Apple’s iPhone-naming scheme used to be pretty easy. Since the iPhone 4 release, the company would release a completely redesigned device that would get a new number, like iPhone 5. The next year, Apple would release a device with the same basic design but upgraded guts, and the company would just add an “s” to the name, like the iPhone 5s. Beginning with the iPhone 6, a larger-sized devices got a “Plus” at the end of the name. That formula got all messed up on the iPhone’s tenth anniverary last year, when Apple released the iPhone 8 alongside the very special iPhone X (“ten”).

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This year, if Apple releases three phones of different sizes, that traditional scheme gets further messed up. Basically no one expects Apple to release an iPhone 9 alongside an iPhone XI (“eleven”) and iPhone XI Plus. However, many analysts have suggested that Apple will adhere to a version of its previous “s” product cycle. That could mean that the new OLED devices will be the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus. Perhaps, the new LCD device would be called the iPhone 9, but that seems messy.

To make matters even more confusing, a series of reports from the days leading up to the announcement suggest that Apple will throw other letters and phrases after iPhone X to differentiate between models. Bloomberg says that the larger OLED device could be called the iPhone Xs Max, while the cheaper LCD device might be called the iPhone Xr. Others have reported that the LCD model will be called the iPhone Xc, borrowing from the short-lived iPhone 5c naming convention. But who knows, at the end of the day, Apple could throw the old number system out the window and go with something like “the new iPhone.” How to differentiate between the three sizes? The new iPhone Big, Medium, and Small? Who knows.


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