250 People died while taking a selfie since 2011

A recent study has unconcealed that selfies have claimed 259 lives around the world in half dozen years. simply between the amount from Gregorian calendar month 2011 to Nov 2017, the quantity of selfie-related accidents shot up to 137.

The study, revealed within the Journal of medical practice and first Care, conjointly calls on authorities to declare probably dangerous areas like water bodies, mountain tiptop, and tall buildings as ‘No Selfie Zones’ to attenuate the incidents of selfie-related mishaps.

Selfie-Related Deaths around the World :

The study was conducted by Indian-based researchers. because it happens, Bharat is taken into account at the highest ranking once it involves the foremost deaths caused within the thick of taking selfies.

The study conjointly states that the typical age of individuals World Health Organization died taking selfies was around twenty three years. Males deep-rooted seventy two.5 p.c of the 259 people, with the rest being females.

The study any reports that almost all of the accidents happened as a result of drowning, falling, and not listening to vehicles in their surroundings.

The report termed drowning because the most typical explanation for death whereas taking selfies. many of us got washed away by a wave whereas on a beach or wreck off a ship whereas taking the selfie. Some folks even got electrocuted or died whereas taking selfies before of moving trains.

A few folks died whereas taking a selfie with loaded guns.

Notably, such casualties were according to be 127 throughout 2014-2016. sadlythe speed of selfie-related deaths have doubled since then (in 2017 alone!), and is predicted to multiply any within the years ahead.

The incidents of selfie-related deaths ar a lot of beyond what the report cites. Since the Indian-based report has solely collected knowledge from news things in English, a great deal of incidents haven’t being highlighted. Had the news reports in alternative native languages were thought-aboutthe speed of such incidents would be even higher.

Pakistan Among Countries with Highest Selfie-Related Deaths
While Bharat is that the country with the best range of selfie-related deaths, Russia, the US, and West Pakistan ar among the highest.

Only in 2016, a US-based study hierarchal West Pakistan as second within the world killer-selfie rankings. West Pakistan moon-faced nine deaths because of risky selfies or ‘kill-fies’ in 2016.

After 2 years, the death rate has inflated and West Pakistan still ranks among the countries with one in allthe best rates of selfie-related deaths.

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